Electric UV Lamp Mosquito Killer

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Do you experience mosquitoes in your home or office?  Are you tired of getting mosquito bites?  

Well, usually you would get a normal mosquito killer and hope that they would go to the light and get zapped and fall to the floor.  

This is much better though.  Unlike that solution, this one traps them in so when they die, do not fall to the floor!  They stay inside the mesh box for easy cleaning!  

The mosquitoes are easily attracted to the trap by a 360-400 nm light.  Once the mosquitoes are trapped a fan uses a powerful airflow to create a vortex that safely and easily kills the mosquitoes by air drying and dehydration.  

The fan causes very little noise so there is no reason to worry about the noise being a problem.  


  • ABS Material:  Environmentally-friendly, safe and durable!  
  • Low voltage:  Power-saving and safe to use!  
  • Light-Controlled Sensor:  Automatically turns on and off at dusk and dawn!  
  • Mesh box prevents mosquitoes from escaping and is easy to open for easy cleaning!  
  • No chemicals are used, non-toxic, no radiation, completely safe and environmentally safe.  
  • Cable with USB interface, which allows it to be charged easily by tablet, power bank or phone charger with 5V / 1-2A output!  
  • Easy to use:  Just plug it in and it is ready to use!  Open it to clean it every once in a while!  

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes from your home or office, this is what you need!  

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Ships to the United States only.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.