Smart GPS Dog Tracking Collar

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There is an estimated 10 million dogs lost each year!  Don't let this be your dog!  With this Smart GPS Dog Tracking Collar you can save your dog from this outcome!  Using GPS technology, this collar will tell you where your dog is.  Don't lose your dog, save them!  You can do just that with this collar!   


  • -GPS + LBS dual mode position.  Long-distance speech monitoring tracker.  It tells you where your dog is located.  
  • -Durable:  Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.  It can still be used in heavy rain.  
  • -Geo-Fence:  A safe area can be set in the app that will alarm you when your dog goes out of that safe area.  
  • -Low battery alert:  This collar alarms you when it has a low battery.  This allows you to not be caught off guard with the battery running out.  

Note:  This requires a GSM cell phone prepaid SIM card to work, which you need to buy from your carrier.  

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Ships to the United States only.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.