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Stay comfortable with this Personal Mini Air Conditioner!  It is perfect for any situation!  This allows you to have your own personal comfort zone!  This is the easiest way to stay cool and improve the air qualify for better breathing wherever you are!  


  • Humidifies the air

  • Purifies the air - This makes for better air and better breathing!  

  • Cools the air - It uses a fan that has 3 different modes (low, medium and high)!  This fan is quiet!  So it will not bother you while working or sleeping!  

  • Energy Efficient - It has low energy consumption!  It only uses 10 watts!  This is comparable to a small fan!  

  • Eco-friendly - It uses biodegradable pads, which helps take care of the environment!  

  • Portable - It is easy to transport!  

  • Long-lasting!  - The tank lasts 8 hours!  

  • Built-in Mood Light - It has a choice of seven colors to choose from!  This allows you choose what fits the mood and/or the interior of the room that you are in!  

  • Easy to use!  - Just fill it with water and plug it into a USB like a computer or a wall power port like your phone charger and enjoy an improved climate and better breathing!  

Shipping is completely free for this item!  

Ships to the United States only.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  

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